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Rest of the Nest

Cardinal Pendant

Cardinal Pendant

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Cardinals are often a sign of comfort and love.

Cardinals are thought to appear when loved ones are near. Providing comfort, reassurance and hope.

✨ This special piece with original artwork can help to honor and remember the loss of anyone gone too soon. Or it can be a special reminder of their love, and holding them near to your heart. ✨


Card Backing: The standard card backing for this product is: "Always Near. Cardinals are thought to appear when loved ones are near".

- Choose from other available card options when adding this product to your cart!

Gift Wrapping: Every package comes in a beautiful box with batting, but I also offer custom handwriting etched into packaging materials. Upgrade your purchase to include!

- Make your gift extra special by having your own handwriting etched into the gift bag. Just write our your message, take a picture and upload the file. I will take this picture and etch your message onto the bag.
- If you would still like a personal message on the bag, but your rather it not be in your handwriting, you can just type in your message and I will write the message for you.

Engraving: This piece comes standard with just the Cardinal pendant, but I also offer personalized engravings of names or special messages. 

- Choose the extra item you want added to this product, along with the text to include. Keep in mind that space is limited on the smaller items.

Materials:The pendant is made of stainless steel. I chose to use stainless steel because It is durable and can be worn day in and day out without tarnishing. The chain is also stainless steel and tarnish resistant.

- For Yellow and Rose gold versions, the stainless steel comes painted with the respective color.

Custom Requests: Please feel free to reach out if you don't see what you are looking for. I am happy to make custom created pieces!

    Please message me with any questions or custom orders. I accept returns, and ship within 2-business days!

    Thank you!
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