The Rest of the Nest Story

A small woman owned business born from grief, but grown with love.

Thanks for stopping by! Iā€™m Kellie, the busy hands behind Rest of the Nest. After an "easy" pregnancy and uncomplicated birth of our son, my husband and I (naively) thought we would have a second baby just as easily. We soon learned that we were expecting a sibling for our son and were overjoyed. A few weeks later that pregnancy ended in a heart wrenching miscarriage. In the midst of my grief I wanted something to physically hold on to and wear to honor our baby each and every day. I wanted to feel close to our baby in heaven, and that's when I designed the first draft of this necklace. After many mistakes and troubleshooting I finally made the final version of this necklace that helped me heal. I eventually decided to list the necklace on Etsy, not even sure anyone would buy it but to my surprise the necklace spoke to other heartbroken mamas and before I knew it I was making dozens of necklaces every day.

A few months later our hearts had healed a little so we decided to try again for a second baby. Once again, we got pregnant and rejoiced. The day we heard the heartbeat on the ultrasound for the first time I felt my body and soul exhale and I let myself be excited for the first time. Unfortunately, at the next ultrasound we learned that that baby had passed away. We were heartbroken and completely shocked. The devastation of that miscarriage lingered for a long time but through it all God remained faithful and even in the valleys of grief I never felt alone.Ā 

Since then the Rest of the Nest has become a full-fledged business and has helped over a thousand mamas walking through grief. I feel beyond honored to be able to provide a small piece of comfort in the midst of pain. I pray over each necklace because I know the pain the person receiving the necklace is feeling and the way their heart will never be the same.Ā 

If you ever have an issue with your order please contact me before leaving a review. I will do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your order!